Through our services of Takin' It To The Streets, Shelter Meals, Community Meals, and Grocery Delivery, The Encouragement Center is blessed to say we have helped thousands of people in need!  Recently, we have been able to assist several single mothers get out of homeless shelters, obtain gainful employment and get into their own apartments! 

It  is a joy to hear back from these wonderful people!  Below are some of what we have received:
“Without the help of TEC, I would not have made it through the end of the month.  They provided my children and me with much-needed groceries, diapers, and gas cards.”   AP, Vista 
"I was laid off from my job and after a series of negative undue hardships, my family and I were at the end of our rope financially.  It sure hurt me, mainly my pride, as I am the man of the house and it seemed I could not provide for my family.  I was told that The Encouragement Center might be able to help us, and I called Tina.  She invited me to their food bank and generously gave us at least two weeks' worth of food and a grocery gift card for another two weeks of food.  It was a HUGE relief.  I thank God for The Encouragement Center."  J.R., Vista
“My life was in despair.  I was sitting on the side of the road, ready to commit suicide.  I cried out “God! If you are there, please help me!” and, miraculously, TEC was there.  They helped me and took me to a safe place.  I would not be alive without the help of TEC.”   SW, Oceanside 
"So often I have thought about you.  I want you to know I am truly blessed for what you have done for me!  Thank you.  This place is wonderful.  I found work 2 weeks after being here. I was baptized at the end of April.  I now get my girls every other weekend!  And I have you to thank!  Much love!  LG, Vista 

“I was living in my car with my three children.  We were in dire straits.  I had a job, but not enough money to find a place to live.  TEC paid for us to get into a motel and helped us with food and gas.  They also directed us to a permanent living situation.”  NU, Oceanside

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